Go Global! Bremen Business Talks

Go Global! Bremen Business Talks

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Boris Felgendreher: War come to go global Bremen versus Taxi Podcast about the company Technologies in PVD Connect Bremen and Bremerhaven to the rest of the world the German Invest.

Boris Felgendreher: Bremen Chamber of Commerce and the Bremen Ministry of Economic Affairs labour and your boyfriend when the person is all about everything.

Boris Felgendreher: Wurde 2bough Nico system of established company Startups research institutions academia and heaven is a recognized Hotspot for 3D printing.

Boris Felgendreher: My guest do they are Marcus Joppe Managing Director Germany at 3D printing company materializing Raven.

Boris Felgendreher: Christoph Weiss Fusion BGB Grosspolen in Bremen NAT night and day is one of the leading companies in the basis of gentle plus der accent implantology.

Boris Felgendreher: Ledger breitete sich ja hallo Markus hallo Christoph welcome to the go Global Investors oxpark extruding und Drogen.

Marcus Joppe: Was meinst du wie und ich auch danke.

Boris Felgendreher: Runtastic Geisterzug die Bauteile des manufacturing and in 3D printing today

Boris Felgendreher: ja aber bevor ich jetzt deutet maybe you can give a very short Intro and you guys as background in the background the respective companies that you work for

Boris Felgendreher: 1 jetzt da questa BEGO BEGO is the year old kid on the block so deswegen weil das hoffe die begeistern rounds insane ein Nissan & Furious of history Christopher.

Christoph Weiss: Boris Tadic Wikipedia.

Christoph Weiss: Biba really the first one the one the Block.

Christoph Weiss: Ladies.net korditzky printing.

Christoph Weiss: Vr VIP walking on on the SimCorp catcam sometimes the.

Christoph Weiss: Sunpoint.de energy.

Christoph Weiss: Harry Potter Kammer Kamera Kamera Software technologies Laser sintering and melting.

Christoph Weiss: California time and nobody explodes.

Christoph Weiss: Epistemology Anselm und die Salafisten.

Christoph Weiss: For the restoration song we are together first generation printed in the year 2000 one.

Christoph Weiss: Therefore to the dentist the dentist for the page is doing well,

Christoph Weiss: bei Dessau begonnen bei Dessau gerade überhaupt Adresse BAG laundry,

Christoph Weiss: the company needs mietzmietz little fool,

Christoph Weiss: new single copy my job in this company.

Christoph Weiss: We will try out new technology.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja entweder that's the way you stay alive and over the rainbow Technobase.

Christoph Weiss: Politisches excited by the opportunities.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja was ist navigiere jump nnn Tentoxa ausgebaut mit her lies wird schwarz Seide eninety-nine i1r EOS auseinander New Times.

Marcus Joppe: Glasbatterie

Marcus Joppe: xamda founding of mit theoretischen Kenntnisse erwartet in Belgium

Marcus Joppe: badusan in Story ist Quad United Bremen MB cars Empire founder of the office von Francine thirty years ago User researcher tubadzin

Marcus Joppe: hammermäßig gut weil es is in the very first 3D printer in Europe Otto sixx.at BIBA in Bremen.

Marcus Joppe: Moderner Situation,

Marcus Joppe: weil technology or later this has been founded in Belgium and me to life than what the second street ePrinter in Europe

Marcus Joppe: deadlight CD fahren ging story of Meteor heißt and

Marcus Joppe: sind dann am WE artifactory that's how we like to college Armor 3D printing that's really ardnahoe an.

Marcus Joppe: Ecopower activities and video niedriger rounds wie die Printing.

Marcus Joppe: Aber Mädchen ist sauer active in Monster High.

Marcus Joppe: Sports and delivery in the street applications,

Marcus Joppe: i'm so in love with info from the very beginning of the end Printing,

Marcus Joppe: Solarium Horn Tamagotchi Prozess,

Marcus Joppe: an der Schule schaffen überhaupt dieses second ja wissen serial we're having and rose Drittmittel Alibaba.com because the biomechanics and Jerry has ambulante Madison Sau.

Marcus Joppe: From the start have looked how can we use the Printing the produce Passion specific implants are which help,

Marcus Joppe: the product for the surge.

Boris Felgendreher: Okay but your rfspace goes beyond this medico in anarchy Tobago USA Michael Jordan Hotmail-Konto and you guys are a cross the cross many different industries.

Marcus Joppe: Asia Statuen video and the machine,

Marcus Joppe: hunderttausend

Marcus Joppe: Bremen Hbf studied computer science in Bremen

Marcus Joppe: amen thermisches jobsite mystudies WhatsApp BIBA at the same time when a founder has in the machine sas.se students are the developer tools for this release

Marcus Joppe: really fascinating technology and Sons Damian has evolved into the business area now.

Boris Felgendreher: Er fand die letzte Sitzung auf das Wetter die Statuen unravel hier bis Pashley around BIBA around drummondville will get that later with the dead the pen

Boris Felgendreher: where we are with the technology with 3D printing which has gone through

Boris Felgendreher: Gartner Hype cycle düsselaue any other technology has to Array to death in the early phases of the high expectations and the death of the solution mandatory Persil coming back up where did you sleep Routine auf

Boris Felgendreher: Marcus this way you can't see the technology in terms of that Hype cycle and turns off and on the on the spectre of the wild amiibos.

Marcus Joppe: Mp3 startet am that is one of the early beginning it was really use to abuse

Marcus Joppe: Tanzlokal Samantha Mini,

Marcus Joppe: Musikband in animal and now are moving from the taking into serial production.

Marcus Joppe: Der ist application'

Marcus Joppe: the very first application nearly twenty years ago technology production,

Marcus Joppe: Meanwell Terrasse afrikanisches Parteien wurden und sie geht er so.

Boris Felgendreher: Jan-Christoph wenn ihr your business is third is awesome Oslo hanging fruit emission of your thing with you

Boris Felgendreher: wie zeckenimpfen volksapo Annette Service mobicenter meteo.srf white and weil es in die Story entwickelt ist in Thomas Nike low hanging fruit of the field of an industry that with this writing with with the first one to four for 3D printing Service Pack.

Christoph Weiss: Boris an.

Christoph Weiss: Duden.de

Christoph Weiss: Biscaya polnisch into the market for business,

Christoph Weiss: USSR.

Christoph Weiss: Über das andere Marke zurücksetzen.

Christoph Weiss: Ecosystem anything by the equation Manipulation

Christoph Weiss: genau Markus Wertheim

Christoph Weiss: zuletzt hatten wir schon wieder am überlegen

Christoph Weiss: antologia live with the Kardashians am Highway industries.

Christoph Weiss: Stations Epilierer mechanics Shop someone,

Christoph Weiss: do all I think so.

Christoph Weiss: Low hanging fruit.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja my back now I mean city von started in OWL 2000 Union about this point.

Christoph Weiss: New twenty years ago.

Boris Felgendreher: Right in hindsight everybody.

Christoph Weiss: Business,

Christoph Weiss: Norbert amazing ist so much more and more

Christoph Weiss: mystery of Silence und du kannst du operating system with respect to the data acquisition how do I do that,

Christoph Weiss: EUR now we operate on Monday David Garrett in the mouth of the page,

Christoph Weiss: Chinarestaurant in Toskana,

Christoph Weiss: models can resist everything you want what a friend,

Christoph Weiss: number of offices Model Surround-System knowledge that's just wait and be gone off the Earth

Christoph Weiss: in future

Christoph Weiss: buntes Leben.

Marcus Joppe: Zu vermieten Dessau.

Christoph Weiss: Mary Smart ac markets.

Marcus Joppe: TV to believe that the potential that the technology production method of Brothers game which is the.

Marcus Joppe: Now

Marcus Joppe: ehrlich Familie driver am I going to this direction and then you are the best of.

Boris Felgendreher: Wie viel Tagen zu outsiders von der Industrie what are some common misconception that you come across the duties 4. totally Rock that the people gather outside looking looking into Dinos Videos don't get konzessiver die Wolle die Bank one TV Today

Boris Felgendreher: und du Bock hast.

Marcus Joppe: Christoph May.

Marcus Joppe: The misunderstanding Vistaprint something then you don't have to sing in the processing Swiss Design data acquisition die Hefte.

Marcus Joppe: When the production braushaus processing after you've printed,

Marcus Joppe: hast du Dim Sum Singapore improve the surface finish and things like the thing is just part of the production process in the Fading.

Marcus Joppe: Badarmaturen Thermostat.

Marcus Joppe: 3d like many people.

Marcus Joppe: Didn't get the real potencial InDesign freedom the processing of Rebirth.

Marcus Joppe: Sign of the park.

Marcus Joppe: The way out is now but maybe with the shape of the past due to restrictions in passiv im Endeffekt.

Marcus Joppe: Imbiss change 3D printing Germany.

Marcus Joppe: The lifting contour and making them with that there is much more possible then they think by this means of the death to stock and the beginning again.

Marcus Joppe: MongoDB Parkassistenten Damm.

Marcus Joppe: Unterschied auf Paypal der stand of the technology and that's where I am.

Marcus Joppe: Letztes Auto ist ja noch DEMO wie oft in CSS custom müssen coming to us with the classical Parkplätze design for milling Kanye produced and more people with me printing bembelmanie Vertrieb,

Marcus Joppe: men of the change something on the path and in the rage make it like that,

Marcus Joppe: to the path may be disappointed.

Boris Felgendreher: Reservieren.

Christoph Weiss: Shape.

Christoph Weiss: Aber nicht sondern ist eine Materialanalyse.

Christoph Weiss: Melissa McCarthy.

Christoph Weiss: Xposed Dual Laser beendete Toni and my best concept conception.

Christoph Weiss: Ich jogge Printing many years ago a Ireland.

Christoph Weiss: Liebe den Container Hennef kursieren.

Christoph Weiss: Erster Name Jacky ok so allein city of the wicked,

Christoph Weiss: Enterprise in Germany,

Christoph Weiss: nordtribuene certainly not as easy to use RSS Markus Wolf

Christoph Weiss: sorgen dann noch nicht einmal Zimmer where you may download your server where is it from somewhere only we know like that

Christoph Weiss: Batterie übersetzen Text sometimes we're not to understand the.

Christoph Weiss: The complexity of the systemair Marcus watchtime promise technology Zombie.

Christoph Weiss: Jetzt macht er jetzt.

Boris Felgendreher: Autohäuser pandemic Effekte DVD-Spieler Doktor canelazo searching Mango Subway trains in Havelberg redet every nude interest in the field of you know that.

Christoph Weiss: Eine Forwarder Mittelding dies kann man City printing is changing,

Christoph Weiss: Riegel printklemmen.

Christoph Weiss: Politische Industrie bei xxxtenation Aufgaben

Christoph Weiss: ihr könnt hermeli

Christoph Weiss: industry is the tribe jetzt and the major impact Norway.

Marcus Joppe: Zombies time of the lies in the pandemic it is proven the flexibility

Marcus Joppe: sandy and the wild eine obuo super active journey of the sleeping companies which two

Marcus Joppe: Videos GutscheinPony.de Trockenheit pandemic in the first weeks after it all started with tools for all the ladies and the

Marcus Joppe: WFB design and delivered within.

Marcus Joppe: On the flexibility,

Marcus Joppe: in der vorletzten Twizy in the market,

Marcus Joppe: modtager Minirock hast du mir das MFC der Ozean Autofahren the supply chain with customers really had an urgent need.

Marcus Joppe: YouTube und hüttenpark in the supply chain and then with increased frequency Printing.

Marcus Joppe: Günstige Silikon Haut.

Marcus Joppe: Invercote im Orbit time des customs but then they understand what it's all about.

Marcus Joppe: Deadliest change in the view on technology.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja alles schon company is to many industries that are just absolut white

Boris Felgendreher: Boris wie die Penny Board ist haben garantiert that you think they should absolut be talking to you guys think about the shipping.

Marcus Joppe: Eichstätt Autohaus im Bad,

Marcus Joppe: inkontinent,

Marcus Joppe: much more vorletzte limitations of the processing of install the purchase of the wild and wicked hearts can't be you could use.

Marcus Joppe: Wo handelt Mimi,

Marcus Joppe: that's the major the south of Perth example applications to fit of the interest rations in one one Bild,

Marcus Joppe: was ist Hinton Aerospace automotive industries like that there is no of the past can be used with 3D printing at.

Marcus Joppe: The second part is really also.

Marcus Joppe: Size of the law of the serious everything on millions of Pirates in an application like like the generations bei BEGO with mass customization derart,

Marcus Joppe: range of numbers one to many applications on the costs and effectiveness of the the process is still

Marcus Joppe: Norwich City South Park chaeis design and all the lights are still some factors limiting that the principle of evil within.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja ich will Kinderzimmer die Industries oder juventu Bremen in der 2 das Auto Mode folgsam Polin Aerospace im ur22 Tipico Free printables are being used to know what's the average size of the office reprint departed being used in the manufacturing,

Boris Felgendreher: Hause genius es muss sie verbuddelt hat Ängste los und Nachmittag schnizz Prototyping Windows 10 industries.

Marcus Joppe: Managing AMD Rostock

Marcus Joppe: approximate your life with one of the things which are worse that I found you

Marcus Joppe: Purdue Sport DVR bis actually do some more plastic parts in the interior design of the cabin,

Marcus Joppe: soßmarer Clans small devices are this are part of the big interest Autofirma bisschen Damen Cello chords into metals will bring metals into flying monkey

Marcus Joppe: Berlet say the pandemic was not beneficial to drive that for good and that that one of the major topics

Marcus Joppe: adebis Industries Theologe geht.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja das macht die Maus Tumor executes of the printing let people have heard about the very xotic adcase use case that you come across with me the promise you that this product conventional.

Marcus Joppe: Rbude.com conventional bat-m.

Marcus Joppe: Wie viel Tage dauert ist kannst du die Klassik Livestream Aerospace Automotiv am really good topics Person.

Marcus Joppe: Die Camper Deuce of airports are produced by the eyewear & The footwear or whatever the tennis racket directive it into your head.

Marcus Joppe: Prinz Willy pinterest.de.

Marcus Joppe: Simo immo abbrechen Gaue in in der direction.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja lasst euch doch something on your webserver noch bis dahin Disco time to realize that something why I upload my own Plugin print class is there something new something interesting.

Marcus Joppe: Lady Di,

Marcus Joppe: Wer ist Edith privat markt.de the hobby market average sales and racing with some years ago I really that we in some Souvenirs amiibo use the Printing octoprint,

Marcus Joppe: Stella and 10 Schuhe distributiv an.

Marcus Joppe: Do you can still Design Newport the Cannonau piece of jewelry for your partner and your design and and can uploaded erkennen

Marcus Joppe: we are producing death and directly delivering your back to you wanna be to see Land.

Marcus Joppe: Das Auto ist da in Sontheim snapchat.

Boris Felgendreher: Das ist sonst dazu,

Boris Felgendreher: der von der fünf Elemente der Christoph how far away from from me being my dad and work of everything we will never happened.

Christoph Weiss: Zusammen man Sanitäter Design deswegen dieses Sony.

Christoph Weiss: Final restoration that looks like the truth Single.

Christoph Weiss: Tussi placement Menschen.

Christoph Weiss: Aber die Sonne in das technischen und deiner dänischen Detektiv Max InDesign.

Christoph Weiss: Anne Williams luxury color Adresse Halle Wildcats.

Christoph Weiss: Needed by API Set IP.

Boris Felgendreher: Kosovo ist heute talking earlier Barleber Bremen swisa Hotspot wofür die Printing

Boris Felgendreher: Air Force Wiki Printing in Germany and Europe is yet to in what makes Sport Maxx Bremen special one max attach to call Hotspot in der Industrie die Printing area.

Christoph Weiss: Supermarket.

Christoph Weiss: We started first Avenger.

Christoph Weiss: Martin Bardy Printing for market Markus was ist KPD

Christoph Weiss: 3D pioneers and now we here.

Christoph Weiss: Okay das ist ein significant in Minuten zu Markus war sehr,

Christoph Weiss: Kennedys and company Ersatzarmband

Christoph Weiss: Benni Caps application,

Christoph Weiss: spielen in Bremen Industrie.

Christoph Weiss: Nada specific gerade schon include functions in the design.

Christoph Weiss: Wendy Wendy Norbert Ursula Kersting.

Christoph Weiss: Science Fiction.

Christoph Weiss: Setze Hallo Geli Kollwitz Wiki Printing SLM and some funny looking Jolly time.

Christoph Weiss: Nickelback Schatzi today Bremen

Christoph Weiss: Bremen really is in the center of the sea.

Boris Felgendreher: Marcus ja nicht jede Seite die come to Germany when they went from Belgium into you into Germany and woman in white Digipak German.

Marcus Joppe: Pizzaservice auf Menschen der Sonnenblume historia apollonii am Brunnen Bremen car2mann SFM waking the first print Hilden,

Marcus Joppe: Berner in the 2011 in my own company and this time I'm really focusing on software for.

Marcus Joppe: Metal printing and destroy really matter Printing deren Rhino Metal printing companies offering the Scythe of machine did the first,

Marcus Joppe: emachine minifactory coming up to the market the delivered der Frist pilote Maschinen zu BEGO am at this time there is really in the pioneering face but also for any fun Mallorca Distanzhülse go,

Marcus Joppe: amore Leon metal Printing am was quite new and so am,

Marcus Joppe: damals valides company hier in Bremen Ausländer technology Park and.

Marcus Joppe: Hast du mal bis Besaitungsmaschine defectors BEGO dann Infekt in der Folie Destillation Otto Christoph menschenphobie Hamburg.

Marcus Joppe: Together with the pros of the metal technology in Erding.

Marcus Joppe: The Big Player Midifiles AVS Turismo company that there is serious competition in the field of matter Printing Kamin verbrennen on the bus with identical together.

Marcus Joppe: Arm so easy going easy going Bonnie in 2000lm beginning of a down my phone company has been.

Marcus Joppe: Bist du denn derzeit auf die natürliche Location hier in Bremen so it involves from Marker.

Marcus Joppe: But we were not only focusing on software here without doing software development with a focus on metal Printing am.

Marcus Joppe: Wann have just finished our new production and development center in the next week by the way.

Marcus Joppe: Außerdem eh of the city will come and visit us and openly the new factory sorry or to have the document production and,

Marcus Joppe: montessori-haus running Metal production year solarfocus release on on metal Barroso for is important that song Story sorry that it is important, back to the competences,

Marcus Joppe: research and development and with it the companies Christoph Menschen,

Marcus Joppe: working in the field of lattice manufacturing Software example.

Marcus Joppe: Sincerity is the benefit for.

Marcus Joppe: The weekend that is the question on this is the question that we found this institution series in background in this technology bring together,

Marcus Joppe: MEZ Zeit.

Marcus Joppe: Milly major Metal production company Tech BEGO and and natural life of pi Airbus Daimler plastic in the two three or one of the hot spots of the printing Arm in Germany.

Christoph Weiss: Mein Name ist es,

Christoph Weiss: Bus magisterial ok.de.

Christoph Weiss: Ernie beneficial undisclosed,

Christoph Weiss: Video per E-Mail zu.

Christoph Weiss: Back Factory Bremen.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja erobique Factory central Yamaha how are the different than what are the cities in Germany have down the da Rico

Boris Felgendreher: climbing to be hard but how were developed that you wanted to develop the weather tecnaro big is the sin and where is head in the right direction are we doing the right things to make it even more fire into this page

Boris Felgendreher: Roberto question one 2.

Christoph Weiss: Ja

Christoph Weiss: DKB login

Christoph Weiss: companies that use Birgit Printing program on auditing,

Christoph Weiss: so aber das kann auch mit sehr, sehr Mathilda

Christoph Weiss: in Schuss M-net MDMA Hotspots,

Christoph Weiss: Matthias in biegowy Kompetenzen

Christoph Weiss: Killerspiele der Gockel

Christoph Weiss: Competition Willi ist good kommt ihr schon wie die ist gerade bei der comes to bring up in new technology and applications.

Christoph Weiss: Return tansini designcompany spot.

Boris Felgendreher: PowerConnect is that I could this nature describing to the rest of the world how strong are details to other

Boris Felgendreher: Hotspot around the world Amin formalization of this one right to the Belgian the headquarters and your network but what other connections access to the path of the world der Autorin Tobi Hotspots.

Christoph Weiss: Dennis über creation tool.

Marcus Joppe: Wie viel kostet jetzt das Auto war als sie ins Land sei der Song the Hot Spots maybe more successful marketing this knowledge to the outside world.

Boris Felgendreher: Motorrad mitfahren kannst du meinen which one is to solve the overhyped hat Spotlight der letzte in der beste Marketing.

Marcus Joppe: Welche Schule hast du denn Aachen at least for metal Printing zugeleitet today Institute Switzerland

Marcus Joppe: right of Technology Printing in Hotspot.

Boris Felgendreher: Roboter das denkst du IDK mean when you say nothing von Professor things are you going to do this day more connected to you

Boris Felgendreher: Thomas Kolonko Bremen spanisches darf man in China der nie zu bin oder nicht die Institute in research sharing companies and technology like ice in the West Folgesache what what I think what you do in the future two strings and the international connections.

Marcus Joppe: Alissa global operating company with locations locations,

Marcus Joppe: europäisches in China and Japan in Malaysian in South America

Marcus Joppe: amen hast du meintest du kostenlos der erwartete research organisations

Marcus Joppe: so deckstats forest lies we were doing international company.

Marcus Joppe: Automat für Mausi

Marcus Joppe: wie läuft es denn hier in branne we were very connected to the company study research organizations in the in the technology Park am See

Marcus Joppe: Promotion activities are not our business and think there are.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja max NTV did you to the fact that is very important to the head right round how easy or hard is it to find the right time for your needs hier hier in Bremen and in the the drowned Bremen in Hause change over time.

Christoph Weiss: What is just fantastic University.

Christoph Weiss: Rezensent.

Christoph Weiss: The great journey to make sure that they stay in Bremen.

Christoph Weiss: Bilder Deko Anne Bremer disnack Amazon Hendrix Original.

Christoph Weiss: Genosse around-the-world-ticket

Christoph Weiss: für die Printing.

Christoph Weiss: Gantry bringst Justin ersetzen engine.

Christoph Weiss: Stunning Subway snapchat bei der Markus citymaps2go.

Christoph Weiss: Ways to get people.

Christoph Weiss: Single Tommy hast du Tor gebaut und morgen erledigt gewesen sei.

Christoph Weiss: Zylinder.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja aber außer vimos Recruiting in Bremen oder in Germany or I also actively looking for talent around the world to bring people here.

Marcus Joppe: The sub

Marcus Joppe: BEGO connection to the university and working with students in the face of the Bachelor and Master Thesis and systems

Marcus Joppe: erste Rippe walk with two for the future tenses that they didn't knew somewhere.

Marcus Joppe: Booking Maggie walking on on Germany the recruitment of the dates.

Marcus Joppe: Sofa company company language English at work in Teams am.

Marcus Joppe: Managing to speak German and way.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja ja aber die Destination Carrier right and and you're the best ways to the first order verändernden dobratin and gains Max Printing.

Marcus Joppe: Erstes especially the withered Arm der 12 positive impact Bio Tussi on the chronicles of Love Parade USA.

Marcus Joppe: Dass mir das so much Warrior located at cannarozzo workout von diesem Preis so therefore we already know

Marcus Joppe: changes in der Ernte Reapers are there with some benefits on the based on our international organisation

Marcus Joppe: a because we can of the world MMO,

Marcus Joppe: inside the walk to lift the changing.

Marcus Joppe: Small bump in the world to increase the two were looking on the way.

Boris Felgendreher: Ich heute Zeit an election

Boris Felgendreher: der könnte dir newcomer mein coming gehen ist ja nicht die Geissen it from from that your helpful for support for regulation for your love that make easier for what you want from from you Pollex why use of independent and you're not really that depends on what parties in the George.

Christoph Weiss: Vanessa Mai.

Christoph Weiss: Glucomannan.

Christoph Weiss: Attitude towards technology

Christoph Weiss: production process is on the nature and climate change and the resources Printing has really big benefits

Christoph Weiss: so

Christoph Weiss: DBZ weight of metal-organic.

Christoph Weiss: Ja jetzt auch dahin.

Christoph Weiss: Arm,

Christoph Weiss: some people like this is awesome an Spaghetti Winword Sabine investing into new technologies and loathing

Christoph Weiss: wann only works when I have people like this Shawn

Christoph Weiss: biontech okay the data point Stade get into new technology just take some money

Christoph Weiss: was haben wir uns mal lieber zehnmal wie kann man so crazy all I really change the world just like

Christoph Weiss: dad Detmold created by politics.

Christoph Weiss: Bitte das one to be recognized in things we do that.

Christoph Weiss: What technology readiness to be great.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja ja ich können maxdome Productions bei einer operations Auge Sahara heartgame herzhafte McFit actions especially the future.

Boris Felgendreher: Chocolate Nougat ist letzter gedisst erkenne 4.

Marcus Joppe: Ayrilik Sedat der USA

Marcus Joppe: we will see much more application using the Printing Serena Williams something there will be connected to the Christus at the zoo

Marcus Joppe: indirektes 3D printing you can produce.

Marcus Joppe: Weiter.

Marcus Joppe: Bessere Performance am more functional Integration SAP Note due to the principle of printing because you are the material in the production process where you needed.

Marcus Joppe: Wild animals all that you don't use for Printing.

Marcus Joppe: Maxdome produced Deadpool.

Marcus Joppe: Musstest deine bepackt therefore we believe we Lied everything can be a can help to produce more than stable parts in the future.

Marcus Joppe: That's something everyone says not contribute.

Marcus Joppe: The company,

Marcus Joppe: 2-Zimmer Jumping all the what we want like to promote and drive Match move origin.

Marcus Joppe: Zu Marketing media agentur am am Wetter ist ja ne ne ne.

Boris Felgendreher: Er soll Hauptfiliale Podcaster Liberty County weather today.

Boris Felgendreher: Christoph adebayo predictions for this day Kate.

Christoph Weiss: Uranai Grill Bismarck,

Christoph Weiss: Cherry Patenkind aircraft

Christoph Weiss: because the possibility of this production technology can have different shapes and lesmateriaal endless weight.

Christoph Weiss: News DD energy in order to the upside production units in

Christoph Weiss: decentralized ride rtrs YouTube Josef Transporte YouTube,

Christoph Weiss: NDR in space and the Gänse wirkliche Liebe Interview und da Packs printed on the ISS

Christoph Weiss: Kangoo Tamiya dann am Kingsize-Bett CO2 spart man

Christoph Weiss: Isar TV die Gentlemen die Happy New Year spareparts and it onsite,

Christoph Weiss: das ist ins Bett gegangen Gustavo eroticism.

Christoph Weiss: Justin credible opportunities in space Todorovic.

Christoph Weiss: Sonntagsmärchen Mitutoyo bring me say to a place because there.

Christoph Weiss: Louis Vuitton watches history Printing

Christoph Weiss: Klammer Jungle übersetze we need to use technology that to handle the climate change,

Christoph Weiss: Camping just as it not flying anymore jorgo

Christoph Weiss: grow potatoes in the now Garden Bench gegenüber maintain the level of the Queen's University Travelodge Wells Wohlstand world with two three studies in Germany requirements

Christoph Weiss: order to maintain the level that we have the need to apply technology,

Christoph Weiss: doesn't work just with everyone to this and that and technology to the printing is one technology out of many Amazon onesie.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja jetzt ohne Instrumente Orchester Air Max 1.

Marcus Joppe: Kasastan,

Marcus Joppe: what if you look on the complete the factory market is one percent of the Rune Factory.

Marcus Joppe: Wer ist Aaron Sport one percent of the hole manufacturing market and technology.

Boris Felgendreher: Ja eben doch ich meiner Frau aber die Krosse Krabbe auf Station Gartner Hype cycle the majority of the development of the Universe also Spoiler.

Boris Felgendreher: Wird es also very very beginning of the race ja okay so letzte sind wir geparkt in ten hier schon Leute the conclusion of the the the the cavalry Convenzione Productions Pinout NVV.

Boris Felgendreher: Samantha you very much for this evening very good conversations everything is not enjoy it this is my dad stopping the program.

Christoph Weiss: Zeige Börse gefordert Unity was will die Fahne Taxi nice to the mechanics and the city.

Marcus Joppe: Danke mal soweit.

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Über diesen Podcast

1.200 Jahre Geschichte und gleichzeitig hochinnovativ: Wirtschaft, Handel und Technologien aus Bremen. Podcast mit führenden Köpfen aus Industrie, Politik, Start-ups und mehr. Moderiert von Boris Felgendreher.

More than the famous Town Musicians: Business, trade and technologies from Bremen, Germany. Podcast with leading minds from industry, politics, start-ups and more, hosted by Boris Felgendreher.

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