Go Global! Bremen Business Talks

Go Global! Bremen Business Talks

Wirtschaft, Handel und Technologien aus Bremen

Additive Manufacturing Made in Bremen (Marcus Joppe, Managing Director, Materialise; Christoph Weiss, CEO, BEGO)

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Bremen is an international hotspot for additive manufacturing and 3D printing with a globally recognized ecosystem of academia, research institutions, companies and talent specialized in the field.

Our guest Marcus Joppe is Managing Director Germany at Materialise. Materialise, headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, is one of the largest and most established independent companies in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector.

Our guest Christoph Weiss is CEO of BEGO. BEGO was founded in Bremen in 1890 and today is one of the leading dental companies in the business of dental prosthetics and implantology.

With our host Boris Felgendreher, Marcus and Christoph discuss the following topics:

  • The histories and backgrounds of BEGO and Materialise

  • Where is 3D printing today? Where does it reside on the Gartner Hype Cycle?

  • How has the sector of 3D printing evolved over the years?

  • Common misconceptions about additive manufacturing and 3D printing

  • How has the pandemic influenced the industry?

  • How global supplies have changed and how 3D printing will change global supply chains?

  • What industries and companies are the next to embrace 3D printing as a technology?

  • How important is additive manufacturing to the automotive and aerospace industries?

  • How has 3D printing for end consumers evolved?

  • Bremen as a hotspot for 3D printing

  • The state of the Bremen 3D printing ecosystem. What are the relevant companies and research institutes?

  • The connections of the ecosystem to other German, European and Global hotspots. How can those connections be strengthened?

  • How does the talent pool for 3D printing look like in Bremen?

  • What does the industry expect from politics and the incoming new government in Germany?

  • Predictions for the future

  • and much more

The Go Global! Bremen Business Talks Podcast is a joint project by BremenInvest, the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and the Bremen Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe.

More information about Bremeninvest: https://www.wfb-bremen.de/en/page/bremeninvest-start

More information about the Bremen Chamber of Commerce: https://www.handelskammer-bremen.de/english_site

More Information about the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and the Bremen Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe: https://www.wirtschaft.bremen.de/home-50419

More information about Materialise: https://www.materialise.com/en

More information about BEGO: www.bego.com


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